1. Concepts
1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, the following expressions have the following meanings:
"Baggage" Goods packaged appropriately accompanying the passenger on the trip.
"Shuttle Service" Activity developed by the Transport Company.
"Vehicle" Means of transport used by the Transport Company to the passenger transport service.
"Trip" Route made based on information present in the passenger's ticket.

2. Admission of Passengers
2.1 In order to legitimize the use of the transport service, each passenger shall hold a valid ticket when entering and exiting the vehicle, as well as during the trip.
2.2 The transport company is obliged to carry passengers legitimized by the possession of a valid ticket.
2.3 In the "Return" tickets, the trip is considered terminated after the passenger exits the vehicle on the return trip.
2.4 The ticket must be displayed or returned whenever requested by the Transport Company, as it is its property.
2.5 The passenger should arrive at the departure terminal or the stopping points of the vehicle at least 10 minutes prior to the time set on the valid ticket.
2.6 The Transport Company reserves the right not to provide transportation service to any minors under 14 years old who are not supervised during the trip.
2.7 The transportation of children under 3 years old is free when accompanied by a passenger with a valid ticket for the trip.
2.8 Except for guide dogs associated with blind passengers, the Transport company reserves the right not to allow the entry of any animal in its vehicles.

3. Tickets
3.1 The possession of valid tickets only provides transport to travel and date or dates indicated in the ticket.
3.2 The tickets which are altered, erased, damaged or incomplete are not considered valid for transportation on the trip indicated on the ticket.
3.3 If the ticket is damaged before the date of the trip, the passenger may request, by submitting the respective proof of purchase, its replacement at least one week prior to the departure date.
3.4 The passenger may request to change the type of ticket ("Single" or "Return"), as well as the date and time of departure at least 12 hours prior to the trip; the refund of the money of the ticket is not allowed, in this circumstance.
3.5 It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to check the time and date listed in the ticket when purchasing it.
3.6 If there are reasonable grounds by the Transport Company to believe that an electronic ticket is fraudulent, it reserves the right to confiscate that ticket. Any passenger holding a fraudulent ticket will be prevented from entering the car and making the trip.
3.7 The Transport Company shall not be liable for the reimbursement of any amount of money or ticket in case of a lost or stolen ticket.
3.8 The ticket will be refunded if the passenger’s flight is cancelled upon request and presenting the proof of cancellation of the flight, as well as the valid ticket.

4. Transport of Baggage
4.1 There is no demand for payment of any sum for the transportation of baggage up to the available space in the hold baggage.
4.2 The carriage of hand baggage inside the vehicle is allowed if inserted in the proper place and as long as it does not constitute a risk to the safety of any passenger.
4.3 It is forbidden to carry sharp or explosive objects, chemical or toxic substances, firearms or other item that the Transport Company deems dangerous and which can cause injury or is somehow inappropriate for the type of transport concerned. The items listed as prohibited baggage must be immediately removed if found on board.
4.5 The luggage must be properly labeled with the name and address of the owner.
4.6 In the event of loss of baggage, the Transport Company undertakes guarantees its storage for claim for the maximum period of one month. The Transport Company shall not be liable for any not reported losses, nor does it take any responsibility for lost or damaged luggage.

5. Schedules
5.1 The schedules available on the website and on leaflets are merely indicative.
5.2 The Transport Company reserves the right to change or cancel any schedule without prior notice.

6. Disclaimer
6.1 The Transport Company assumes no responsibility for the delay in the provision of transport services, notably the compliance of the departure and/or arrival times.
6.2 The Transport Company assumes no liability for any damages or accidents occurring during the trip.
6.3 The Transport Company assumes no liability for failing to provide transportation service because of an accident or unforeseeable events.
6.4 The Transport Company assumes no liability for acts or omissions of any passenger in the vehicle or in the departure terminal.

7. Prohibitions
7.1 The consumption of alcohol or narcotics is expressly forbidden in the vehicles of the Transport Company. The carrier reserves the right to exclude or expel from the vehicle any passenger showing to be visibly under the influence of such beverages or substances.

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